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Who am I?

Some say I am a 'budding geriatric', other less charitable people say I am a geriatric of long standing - but however I'm viewed there is no mistaking that I do have decades of experience in the world of computers, videography and media generally.  Back almost before the earth was green I was punching out programs on paper tape and card!  So, I've been there and done that!  I can still remember that old Kodak Box Camera and wind-up movie cameras - ah yes, those were the days!

Over the years I've written commercial programs, operating systems, designed computers learned and used programs from the old days like COBOL, ADA, Fortran etc through assemblers on to the more recent C, C#, HTML, JAVA and one thing I have learned is that programming hasn't changed at all.  When I first learned it at university, the first book we were given was 'Programming for the 13 Year Old' and to this day I firmly believe that programming is indeed 'childs play'

My Philosophy

Keep it simple, and then make it simpler.  Anyone can program, animate, make 3D Models.  The quality will vary but the level of enjoyment is universal.  I will help you unlock your potential in an enjoyable way - that is my goal.  So feel free to browse this site or click here to go to my Youtube channel.  Remember to subscribe to the channel (its free) and you will automatically get alerts as I upload new tutorials.

Oliver 'On Location' 2012
The ONLY sunny day in 2012!

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