Live Events

Live Events are very different to documentaries.  For the live event, we arrive on site with our kit, select suitable vantage points and run cabling between the cameras and the video production gear.  Sound is taken, either from an event sound desk or the various cameras / microphones that we deploy around the arena.



It is live, there are no rehearsals, the camera operators must follow the action - under the direction of the video director.  He, or she 'calls the shots' - literally

  • 'Camera-1 you are live, hold that shot',
  • 'Camera-3 switch to the panel member 4', 'good shot 3, hold, you are live' ..... 
it is non-stop action and commands.  

This is 
  • recorded live to a full resolution high definition broadcast quality file AND/OR
  • sent out as uncompressed audio/video signal for immediate broadcast (e.g. to Sky Showcase Channel) AND/OR 
  • streamed live over the internet or intranet.

Event Location
Normally, seating real-estate is a valuable resource - it is the source of income for the organiser, so we keep our floor footprint to an absolute minimum.  Using Remote Camera Technology, we can keep all operators 'off floor' and position the cameras unobtrusively (e.g. beside the PA stands, on the lighting gantry etc.).  

The cameras can then be operated from the Control Area  where we also locate the Vision and Sound mixers.  In this scenario, 2 people can operate the entire show - sound and video mixers and up to 3 cameras simultaneously!

This area can be at the back of the venue, behind the stage or even in an adjoining space - out of sight, out of mind and not distracting the delegates at the event.

Using these techniques and innovative technology, we can offer you a package that is cost-effective and professional - just what the doctor ordered!

Contact LenseOnLife Live Event Video Producers for your next event - you deserve the best!