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Food Demonstrations


Food demonstrations have their own peculiar requirements that warrant a section of their own.

Think about the differences between, say a Food/Cookery Demonstration and a Corporate Event.  The main additional requirement for the food demonstration is the need for extreme close-ups of the action and the ingredients.  This is not always easy to achieve.  When operating in a studio setting, it is normal to have a point of View (PoV) from above the food prep area (usually achieved through a 45 Degree mirror), but when working in an ad-hoc location, this is not possible.

Instead, you have to deploy your cameras carefully and give good and timely direction so that there is always a closeup available.  If you are lucky, the demonstrator will be camera savvy and will orient the ingredients before mixing them, at the proper camera and give you time to switch and compose the shot - but don't rely on this level of co-operation.

I have found it best to 'come prepared'.  Before the action starts, get a couple of cut-away clips of the various ingredients in bowl, preferably being lifted by the demonstrator.  Store these away and queue them in the Video Switcher.  THEN, during the shoot, you can dynamically switch to the relevant clip as and when it is used in real-time and no one will ever know that this was 'something that you prepared earlier' :-)