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Music gigs have their own special look and feel.  For the viewer it is important to get a good feel for the venue and the energy of the performers.  Shooting these types of events bring their own technical challenges as the lighting (yet, lighting once again rears its ugly head) for the audience will have a different feel for a viewer.

So, work with the lighting problems - use them to your advantage.  If there are flashing lights, brightly changing sidelights, then let them bring the performers in and out of shadows - while this may be different to what the audience will experience, it will give a uniquely satisfying experience to the viewer.

In terms of the audience, especially in seated venues, make sure that you have explicit or implied permission before showing people in an identifiable way.  Just because someone attends a gig does not mean that they have agreed to be shown on TV, satellite or on the web - and this goes for the performers as well.

It is normal to have organised releases from the artists beforehand, and these must be explicitly obtained.  For the audience, it is normally acceptable to have given them prior notification that the event will be videoed.  For example, if shooting in a TV studio, then permission has been implied but for most other events the attendees should be given advance notice through the ticket or invitation.

Happy Gigging!