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MovieStorm Description

Moviestorm opens up the world of filmmaking to absolutely anyone.

You don’t need to invest in expensive kit or software, you don’t need to spend years at film school studying how it’s done, and you don’t need to assemble a cast and crew before you can get going.

Everything you need to make movies that look good is provided, and you have complete control of importing and customising content using the Modders Workshop.

Built on game engine technology and combined with a simple click and explore UI, Moviestorm is an ideal 'sketch tool' to rough out film ideas as animated storyboards, providing a fun and low cost alternative to other time-consuming film production solutions.

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Tutorial 1 - Interacting with a SketchUp Prop

Tutorial 2 - Animate a Model / Prop

Tutorial 3 - Animate 'On Command'

Tutorial 4 - Walk Cycle - toe avoid props

Tutorial 5 - Camera Angles

Tutorial 6 - Green Screen Studio