Crafting videos does not always require a camera!  Many organisations simply require a video that explains how their web site works, or maybe how to use their software.  As long as we have access to your material, we can produce instructional or promotional videos for you.

Until recently, the quality of screen based recordings were of a poor quality, but technological improvements in the PC-Based codecs have brought a step change in quality.  In the attached, simply compare any of the Module-2 tutorials with the Module-4 or Module-6 and you will see what I mean.  The online tutorials here are based on the European Computer Driving License ECDL syllabus and show how one can develop a rapport with users by providing a sequence of tutorials over time.  These can be monetised or provided free as part of a loyalty scheme or as a structured training package for your software -  obviating the need for costly instruction manuals / packages.

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