According to PC Magazine Google SketchUp is:

Google SketchUp - PC Magazine

A 3D modeling program from Google that is known for its ease of use. Used for architectural purposes as well as films and games, designs are created in two dimensions, which, using a patented method, are pushed and pulled into three dimensions. Introduced in 2000 by @Last Software, Google acquired the company in 2006. Google 3D Warehouse is a central portal where anyone can contribute 3D components for SketchUp users. SketchUp is also noted for its integration with Google Earth. Buildings can be extracted from Google Earth and stored as models in 3D Warehouse for future SketchUp designs.

In this series of tutorials I look at some basic techniques and then look at how it interfaces with the MovieStorm Animation package in particular.

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Tutorial 1 - Cubes and Textures

Tutorial 2 - Create Jar of Strawberry Jam

Tutorial 3 - Mug of Coffee

Tutorial 4 - Electric Kettle

Tutorial 5 - Export from SketchUp to MovieStorm

Tutorial 6 - Export from SketchUp to MovieStorm with Textures

Tutorial 7 - Export from SketchUp to MovieStorm - File Structure

Tutorial 9 - Bake a Cake

Tutorial 11 - Sphere with a Hole