Stencyl - Create Amazing Games Without Code

Stencyl is a great programming tool for the absolute beginner who is interested in gaming theory or in 2D Shoot 'em Up or 2D Platform games.  It is based on the Scratchit platform developed at MIT and further refined by Google.  It is an ideal first step into programming for the absolute beginner or a great prototyping engine just to test out an idea.

Don't get me wrong - this is not a toy - it is possible to craft quite complex games that are limited only to your own imagination and, if you are an expert programmer, then you can even extend the Stencyl capabilities by writing your own extensions.

I've put together a number of tutorials that are available on YouTube and I'll put them up here on this website as and when available.  To be kept abreast of developments, click on teh submit button below - no cost, no charge, no hassle!

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