The Event - Going Live I

Event Videography - Live

How Many Cameras?

Although it might make sense to consider that the larger the venue, the more cameras will be needed - but this is not necessarily so.  The choice of number of cameras and their location is dictated more by the reason to use Live Event Videography.  If the reason is solely to show a close-up of the person speaking to the in-house audience then two cameras are generally sufficient.  But, if the intention is to release the event as a DVD or stream it live, or broadcast it live - then the audience need to have a better sense of the occasion, the will need more secondary feeds to understand the location, the audience reaction etc..  Even so, for a large auditorium, it is still unlikely that more than 3 cameras will be required.  For small intimate occasions, a 2-camera setup is not only adequate but it is often the maximum that should be used without intimidating the participants.  

Camera Locations

For small venues, the layout of the area itself often dictates where you can deploy the cameras.  In any event, there is always one at the back of the hall capable of providing a wide establishing and/or reaction shot as well as a close-up if necessary.  This is your 'bank camera location'.

The next camera should be at the opposite side of the hall from where the speaker will normally stand - this allows a wide shot of speaker and panelists or a close-up of the speaker.  If the end-product is for viewing by people remote from the hall, then a third camera is almost an necessity, and should be placed as a mirror to camera-2 so that it can give an alternative point of view of the speaker.

Why Go Live?

That was the initial question - so what is the answer?

There are many reasons, and they are somewhat dependent on your point of view.  From the perspective of the audience, it is great to be able to see a close-up of what is happening up on the stage, even if sitting right at the back or if your view is sometimes blocked by that pillar (See Large Screen and The Conference Event).

The Event Organiser might want to distribute a DVD of the proceedings (maybe sell it at the end) and by doing a Live Event Production, you are in a position to start burning DVDs as soon as the proceedings complete - maybe during the Q&A session.  So when the speaker goes to the back of the hall to 'do a signing', the DVDs can also be in place ready to be signed as well.

Not everyone will be able to get to the event - maybe this is a Corporate Launch, and there are sub-offices that want to be included.  Being able to stream 'out of the box' is a great plus, and being able to do it with full High Definition Broadcast Quality visuals, switched to Broadcast Studio Standard ensures that the remote audiences get the best possible experience.  With modern technology, this can even be offered via a satellite link like the Showcase Channel on Sky 191 - as offered by LenseOnLife (covering all of Ireland and the United Kingdom) - now THAT is what I call a service!